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Methodologies MarkData has conducted hundreds of projects requiring a large variety of methodologies and statistical analyses. The type of methodology and analysis is determined by the requirements of each specific research objective.

MarkData's methodologies encompass both qualitative and quantitative techniques including face-to-face interviews, personal telephone interviews, home-use-tests (HUT), central location tests (CLT’s), depth interviews, focus groups and immersions. MarkData personnel are specially trained and have extensive experience in all these methodologies.

Statistical analyses include conventional distributions, cross tabulations and correlations as well as a variety of multivariate techniques to uncover underlying patterns and associations in research outputs.

MarkData regularly undertakes large countrywide nationally representative surveys and has, over the years, built up a force of experienced fieldworkers. Its survey respondents range from interviews with the general public to specific interest groups, experts, senior executives, political leaders and government officials.