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The OMNIBUS is a syndicated research service that offers clients the opportunity to save costs through joint participation in fully representative, face-to-face interview-based, regular nation-wide surveys. Each client has exclusive and confidential access to its own data. Budget constraints and rapidly rising transportation costs in particular have put the costs of nationwide, face-to-face surveys beyond the reach of many organisations in all sectors. Yet strategic, policy-oriented survey research is often essential as a basis for planning, marketing and public communication.

Significant Features: A Fully Representative and Comprehensive National Sample. The sample is a two-stage probability sample drawn within the following "strata" or categories in the population:

  • metropolitan residential areas (including dense inner city areas)
  • non-metropolitan urban residential areas
  • township areas and state housing
  • informal residential areas and shack settlements
  • hostels and collective dwellings
  • rural commercial farming areas
  • rural traditional and subsistence farming areas

The sampling returns are checked against the latest available estimates of the population by gender, age, educational level, rural-urban and provincial distributions and other social variables. If necessary, certain categories are weighted to ensure that the final data is a precise representation of the population. Read more ...