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Training and supervision Interviewers are specially trained before each survey. The training of interviewers occurs in two phases. Phase one is training in appropriate basic survey and interviewing procedures. This training includes mock and trial interviews. Phase two is rigorous briefing on the requirements of each specific study.

Experienced and trained fieldwork supervisors organise and direct the interviewer teams. One supervisor will supervise and maintain constant contact with a team of 4-8 interviewers.

The minimum requirement for interviewers is that they have at least Matric and have the confidence and skill to conduct successful interviews. As part of MarkData’s commitment to capacity building, in the case of personal interviews, a number of interviewers in each team are recruited from local communities. In each team of interviewers, however, some are experienced, established MarkData interviewers, hence enhancing and accelerating the learning process for locally recruited interviewers.