We wanted to list our qualifications and awards here, but there’s not enough space and none of us are show-offs

Ooooo, all right then, if you insist!

We have Matric, Bachelors, Honours, Masters, and Doctorate qualifications, and various certificate courses, in Psychology, Business Administration and Leadership, Communication, Marketing, Economics, Sociology, and Consulting. We have won awards at the SAMRA annual conference more than once, for best paper overall, best first-time speaker, and innovation.

We have published and presented our work locally and globally, and some of us have served in industry leadership roles for decades. Our Directors are SAMRA Accredited Researchers (SARs) and Elsa was awarded Honorary member status of SAMRA.


Innovation is more than just a word to us, even though (or maybe because) our history dates to the early 80s

If you are not as good at maths as we are…

The company is 40+ years old, and the team has hundreds of years of experience between them. We have prospered because we leverage our proud heritage and experience, and the wisdom we gain from it to innovate, also for our clients.

Our team members have worked on projects in South Africa, the UK, several European countries, the Middle East, and the rest of Africa. Their work has included clients in media, information and communication technology, marketing and branding, FMCG, politics, financial services, resources, industrial and manufacturing, retail, and government.


We adhere to local and global codes of conduct because they reflect our integrity, protect the public, and safeguard you

We would not have lasted this long offering strategic insights and consulting solutions if we were not trustworthy and our conduct not above reproach.

Ethical conduct is who we are. And we know how important your work is, and that you use our work to make small and big decisions with big and bigger impact.

The codes of conduct we abide by are based on three key principles, namely, that we commit to:

  1. Transparency when collecting personal data from participants.
  2. Protection of personal data collected and used from unauthorised access or sharing, particularly for any information directly collected or re-used in our projects and information shared with other parties.
  3. Duty of Care that prevents harm to participants or reputational damage to our business partners, our clients, and the industry in the eyes of the public.


AB InBev Foundation
Aero Manufacturing
Academy for Education Development (AED)
Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
Amira International
Anglo American
Anglo Gold
Anielski Economics of Well-being
Arnold Bergstraesser Institute for Socio-Cultural Research
Beckers Industrial Paints
Black Swan Society
Brand et al
Brand SA
Business Trust
Cambridge Foods
Centre for Communication Impact
Centre for Development Enterprise (CDE)
City and Guilds
Cohesion Global
Comthanko Group
Council for Medical Schemes
Curis Health
De Beers
DNA Economics
Good Governance Africa (GGA)

Helen Suzman Foundation
Human Science Research Council (HSRC)
International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF)
International Republican Institute (IRI)
Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa
Lightstone Explore
Marketing Research Companies (various)
National Government Departments (various)
Newspapers (various)
Pan South African Language Board (Pansalb)
Provincial Government Departments (various)
Shesha Geza
Small Business Project (SBP)
Soul City
South African Institute of Race Relations
Telkom Foundation
Tourism Enterprise Project (TEP)
Universities and Tertiary Institutions (various)
Urban Habitat
Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

The MarkData team has worked on projects in more than twenty countries, including Bahrain, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Ireland, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Peru, Réunion, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.