SA Reconciliation Barometer 2023 report


The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR), established in 2000, is a leading pan-African organisation that works collaboratively with governments, inter-governmental and civil society actors to contribute towards building fair, democratic, inclusive and peaceful societies across the continent, through peacebuilding interventions that are informed by a transitional justice lens. The IJR is a trusted knowledge producer on global, continental and national reconciliation and transitional justice issues. Through its pioneering South African Reconciliation Barometer it has also positioned itself as a provider of choice of reliable quantitative data on public perceptions of social cohesion and reconciliation. The IJR conducts advocacy, research, capacity building and training and provides important insights to key decision makers and inter-governmental actors on transitional justice and peacebuilding initiatives in Africa. It seeks to actively include women and youth in peacebuilding processes.

MarkData is very proud to have been appointed the preferred research supplier for the 2023 South African Reconciliation Barometer (SARB). You are welcome to download and distribute the report that was launched in December 2023, as it has been made available in the public domain.

You can download a copy of the report here or directly from the IJR website:

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