Strategic [Consulting] Solutions

Behavioural, consumer, political, social, and business-to-business solutions

How we do it

We offer bespoke and cost-effective solutions to a range of industries and businesses. A range of analysis techniques has been applied over many years, including inferential or more advanced statistical techniques such as segmentation analysis, text analytics or social media analysis. A mixed-methodology approach is often useful to provide insight from more than one perspective.

Tx5® is a digital solutions to personalise engagement

Solutions for Success

We focus on identifying the interlinked spaces between innovation, development, growth, and collaboration. Market dynamics, in recent years and especially in a pandemic and post pandemic context, have shifted from hard indicators such as growth rates, profit margins and productivity to include context, behaviour, emotive drivers and inclusiveness. We develop business solutions through innovative research designs that are both insightful and cost-effective.

Services include business plan development, business plan workshops, data analysis services and advice, funding application guidance, market quantification, market segmentation, marketing strategy development, market opportunity identification, statistical evidence of USPs, and strategy development.

Recent solutions

  • A deep exploration of the design and construction market to uncover potential growth opportunities
  • Investigation of the hydroponic industry, dynamics and solutions toward the establishment of a sustainable farming operation
  • Unpacking the fibre to the home (FTTH) market to understand the potential brand diversification, likelihood to adopt and price sensitivity margins
  • Evaluation and deconstruction of factors of disconnect between legal practitioners and the construction industry
  • Identifying and elaborating compliance challenges in water management and measurement at municipalities

Uncover the potential to establish new businesses in niche markets with our essential market growth opportunity research assessment programme, including advice on suitable route-to-market approaches.

Four dynamics should form part of any growth strategy

  • The scale, range, and rapidity of technological and social change
  • Information that drives market dynamics, sentiments, and forecasting
  • Trade regulations, supply and demand, import and export fluctuations, and
  • Innovation amidst increasing environmental and social responsibility practices

It is in the confluence of these drivers that strategies based on strong market research practices and findings lead to greater performance in the short term, and sustainable growth in the medium to long term.