Strategic [Insights] Solutions

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How we do it

Drawing on decades of experience in scientific business to business, consumer, demographic, branding, human resource, socio-economic and political communication impact, and policy studies, we confidently provide effective strategic research solutions to solve complex challenges.

We have successfully completed hundreds of projects requiring a large variety of methodologies and statistical analyses.

We regularly undertake large countrywide nationally representative surveys and have more than 300 experienced fieldworkers.

Your involvement and input as client All our research is done in collaboration with clients throughout all phases. The client’s input is imperative for success.

Methodologies and data analysis techniques are selected based on the requirements of each specific research objective. We have expert-level experience in both qualitative and quantitative approaches and data collection techniques, including face-to-face interviews, personal telephone interviews, home-use-tests (HUTs), central location tests (CLTs), depth interviews, focus group interviews and immersions. We excel at statistical analysis including conventional distributions, cross tabulations, and correlations as well as a variety of multivariate techniques to uncover underlying patterns and associations in research outputs.

Our research participants include the general public, specific interest groups, experts, senior executives, political leaders and government officials.

Supervision Experienced and trained supervisors organise and direct the interviewer teams. One supervisor will supervise and maintain constant contact with a team of 4-8 interviewers.

Our interviewers have at least a Grade 12 qualification, and the confidence and skill to conduct successful interviews, as the minimum requirement.

Interviewer Training All interviewers are trained, retrained, and briefed before each data collection event.
Phase 1 Training in appropriate survey and interviewing procedures, including mock and trial interviews.
Phase 2 Rigorous briefing on the requirements of each specific study.

Quality is built into everything we do including constant supervision, feedback, retraining and quality checks by experienced supervisors in the field. Back-checks on 10%-20% of completed interviews are done in-field to ensure that interviews are conducted according to the correct procedures, and from head office to confirm authenticity. Data are checked before analysis starts.

We are committed to capacity building For personal interviews, each team includes interviewers who are recruited from the communities where data is collected, to work alongside experienced, established MarkData interviewers, to enhance and accelerate the learning process for locally recruited interviewers.